The Second Century Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created in 1993 by Stow library patrons as part of Randall Library’s centennial celebration. It is a private endowment fund whose primary mission is to support Randall library in the purchasing of library materials. The centennial celebration provided an excellent opportunity for Stow citizens to show their appreciation for the library by making contributions to start the fund and over time, prudent investing and subsequent donations have appreciably increased the fund’s size. Every year a portion of the funds income is disbursed to Randall Library to provide support beyond what is provided for by the library’s municipal budget.

Things purchased with the fund’s disbursement include books and periodicals as well as materials for running various library programs such as Lego robotics and the library of things. The fund also accepts targeted donations to support library needs beyond materials. Some of the new furniture in the beautifully restored second floor of the library was purchased with a targeted donation made to the Second Century Fund by a library patron.

The Second Century Fund is an all volunteer organization run by Stow residents who value the services the library provides to the community. They are committed to continuing the spirit of giving to the library that was started over 120 years ago by the Randall Family when they donated the funds to construct the original library building.